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These are some shots of some of the bands I like the most.

I have hundreds but I think it wil take years to scan them all? So have these to view for now. Hope you dont get bored?
Run your arrow thing over the picture to sea a caption. Press on the thumbnail on the right of the picture, to sea a bigger one! Yeah I know, thumbnails are bullshit!
Carl of Medalyon Johnny DeMarco I forget? If you know tell me!

I forget this guy too, but he is in the band Attaxe! Gary of Medalyon!

Johnny again, he does the strangest things with his axe! I never seen him chop wood though? Gary and Carl of Medalyon

Johnny again and again. Guess who?

This is Chris Hess, from the band, MacBeth! Gary and Carl again! Tom Nicolitis, (speeling?)!

I have got to find some different band pictures! Sea what I mean?

Here is Ray's hair, he is in Medalyon also! Well there is someone else in the picture, Mike Young!

Justgoto's Live Lournal!